WFCE Professional Awards

Download and Complete All Information Required and Follow Submission Instructions

WFCE Professional Awards (Deadline June 1st)

Now is the time to be thinking of those among our professional ranks who have contributed and should be recognized. In order for awards to be presented at the August WFCE conference, nominations need to be submitted. It is not difficult. Simply submit the name and explain in less than 50 words how this person exemplifies the criteria for the specific award.

Don’t let this year go by and have someone you know not be nominated because it took too much time. The nomination committee needs your assistance to be able to recognize those members worthy of recognition. Think of it as a way of strengthening our profession!

The Award Categories and Criteria are:
I. New Professional Award

A. WFCE member and teacher of Family and Consumer Education for one to five years.
B. Dedicated to Family and Consumer Education.
C. Involved in professional growth activities.
D. Currently plans to further education and remain in Family and Consumer Education.

II. Distinguished Family Consumer Science Award

A. WFCE member.
B. Involved in professional growth activities.
C. Strengthened and/or enhanced Family and Consumer Education programs K-12 by implementing the DPI curriculum guidelines.
D. Works cooperatively and effectively with colleagues
E. Received visibility through active involvement in professional organizations.

III. Honorary Family Consumer Science Award

A. Individual and/or group who has provided a major contribution supporting and promoting Family and Consumer Education,
B. Advocated views known to have influenced policy affecting Family and Consumer Education beyond the local level.

IV. Dedicated Service Recognition

A. WFCE member who is retiring from Family and Consumer Education.
B. Twenty or more years of experience.